man etching grapes into stonework

Our Process

No Tear-out Needed! 

We apply our custom formulated resurfacing material, made from acrylic polymer resins mixed with crushed, quarried limestone, over your existing surface. This mixture can be applied over a variety of surfaces, including concrete, aggregate, stucco and even brick if set in cement or mortar. The material composite adheres directly into the surface, completing a true bond between the surface and the finished coating. Our experienced artists will then design masterful finishes, custom made to your needs and taste. Each job is Individually crafted and colored–ultimately creating the natural appearance and durability of stone. Here you can view the actual steps of a recent job, from preparing the old surface, to sealing the elegant new surface.

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Driveway before Walkway before Crack repair Cracks in concrete Applying bond coat Applying liquid stone Pattern layout Carving the pattern Applying base color Applying accent color Applying grout Applying sealer Driveway after Walkway after